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Achievements & Participation of Expo’s / Conferences Between 2011 to 2018

Atrium Medical Technologies has actively participated in all major Expo’s and Conferences conducted in multiple locations across the geographic globally.

Below is the list of Expo’s / Conferences participated by Atrium Medical Technologies.

International wide Expo’s / Conferences: :

  • China International medical fair (CMEF).--------- 2011-2018--------- China
  • Arab Health.---------2015-2016---------Dubai.
  • Srilanka Medical Show.---------2016---------Srilanka
  • National wide Expo’s / Conferences :

  • Medical Fair---------2014-2018---------Delhi
  • Medical Fair---------2014-2018---------Mumbai
  • MEDICALL---------2011-2018---------Chennai
  • MEDICALL---------2014-2018---------Hyderabad
  • MEDICALL---------2011-2018---------Mumbai
  • Med Expo---------2014-2018---------Hyderabad
  • Conference of Indians society of Ananesthsilogists (ISACON)---------2017---------Trichy
  • MEDICALL---------2016---------Delhi
  • Medical Expo---------2015---------Bangalore
  • Conference of Indian society of Anesthesiologists’ (ISACON)---------2015---------Madurai
  • Medi Equip---------2014---------Coimbatore
  • Tamil Nadu as global Manufacturing Hub for medical Equipments,Technologies pharmaceuticals of biotechnology Conference ---------2015---------Chennai